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Dynamite #48 Shields and Yarnell

Dynamite - Shields and Yarnell





Condition of Item:



Scholastic Magazine Inc.


4.1 oz




7 x 8.5 inches







In Excellent Condition, all cardboard toys and cards are in magazine.

The front of the magazine has the “dynamite issued sticker” on the top left corner.

Please review picture for more details on fading and quality.
these are pictures of the original product!

    Dynamite's Blasts...

    10. Shields and Yarnell: Dynamite talks to Shields, TV's favorite silent star!
    14. Sporty Fashions That Are Sure To Score: Be a winner in the fashion game!
    24. Dynamite's Outtasite Find-A-Kite Game: No strings attached, this kite caper will keep your spirits flying high!
    26. Charlie McCarthy: Smarter than the average dummy!
    32. The Tale of a Dog With a Nose for Crime: Dynamite bones up on a great canine cop!

    and Other Bombshells..

    13. And Now a Word From Our Sponsor: A Dynamite blast at BADvertising.
    16. Dynamite's Sports Awards: The envelopes please . . .
    18. The Dynamite Duo: Dawnstar and Nightglider split up!
    20. Judy Blume, Otherwise Known as Judy the Great: A top kids' book writer tells some of her secrets!
    22. Sure Signs of Summer: You know it's almost summer when. . .
    29. Dummy Jokes: Wood we kid you? You bet we wood!
    30. Hot Stuff: Where it's at before it gets there!
    34. Bummers: Lemons and losers to louse up your day!
    35. Magic Wanda's Clear-Cut Paper Caper.
    36. Count Morbida's Monthly Puzzle Pages: Brain twisters from a twisted brain.
    38. Contest: Bag Yourself a Big Foot Bag!
    39. Good Vibrations: Straight talk and solid advice.
    40. A Sneak Preview of Dynamite's Hottest Summer Yet!

    Sheilds and yarnellSheilds and yarnell (1)
    Back Cover: Dynamite's Super Scooper Game!
    Plus: Giggle-Filled Greeting Cards that you can send!